Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New shoes!

Having to take Walter to the emergency vet for stitches on Friday night at 10:00 did not bode well for how the rest of the weekend was going to go. Luckilly, that was really the only bad part of the whole weekend.

Saturday was another BEAUTIFUL day. We've been pretty lucky with our weather this winter. Aside from a few really cold snaps here and there, it has been pretty mild. It was a little chilly starting out, but was supposed to warm up to over 70. And since I was running 16, I knew I'd still be out there when it warmed up. No long sleeves for this girl!

Now, I dont know WHAT I was thinking, but I didnt take any GU or electrolytes with me. I guess I am just not in "long run" mode yet. Stupid! I felt pretty good the first 5 miles or so, but by mile 6 I was getting pretty warm and wishing I had something with me. They do have Gatorade and pretzles and such at all of our aid stations, so that saved me. But still, I really could have used a few GUs. I was with several other people the first 8 miles, but when I turned around, I was all by myself. I usually have at least one other person to run with on those long runs, so it was a little weird. I'm also used to having my ipod when I'm running alone. So this actually reminded me a little bit of Ironman....running a long way by myself with no music. It really wasnt that bad, but I do prefer some company.

By mile10 I was really wanting to be done. It was so much warmer than I'm used to, and my feet were blistering up BAD. Before I headed out that morning, I had meant to paint up the sides of my big toes with New Skin. I tend to blister there on my long runs, and the New Skin totally helps. And of course I forgot. It didnt help that my shoes were in dire need of replacement. So, in addition to the bottoms of my pinky toes which blister up no matter what, I had some rockin' blisters on my big toes too. Awesome.

Right after I left the mile 12 aid station, I passed a couple of high school girls running the other way. Obviously, not with our group. I looked back, and sure enough, they were stopping at the aid station. Despite the huge sign that says "Reserved for Runners Edge Participants". UGH! I HATE people that break the rules. I am a little weird in my love for rules. I felt like hollering something at them, but didnt want to be "that" lady. And given that I'm about twice their age, I would in fact be a LADY. I really hate that term. And ma'am. Anyway.

Made it back to the start hot and tired and blistered, but really no worse for the wear. Since we had started at Garry Gribbles, and any time we start at a GG store we get 25% off instead of our usual 20%, I decided that it was time to break down and finally get some new shoes. I had been running in the same shoes since about August of 07, and they were the shoes I did IMFL in. Plus, they were the shoes that I bloodied up. So, I guess you could say they had a little sentimental value. And really, I barely did any running last year. So it's not like I put in a huge amount of miles on them after Florida. But it was definitely time. They were really broken down and starting to make my arches hurt. New kicks are always fun, now I cant wait to dirty them up a bit!

I met Erin out for Chipotle that afternoon, and I'm embarassed to admit that I actually wore my Crocs in public. But hey, my feet were swollen and blistered and just wouldnt cooperate with me putting anything else on them. I know I promised to never wear them in public, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!


Kim said...

Glad you got some new kicks.
And I'm sooo with you on 'rules'. I WOULD have been that 'lady' or 'ma'am' which I hate as well. I must be getting old!

Alice said...

Interesting.!! I am sooo excited to see your new shoes.