Monday, February 23, 2009

I cut it short AGAIN

I was SO not feeling an 18 mile run on Saturday. I didnt feel like running at all, let alone 18 miles. I went out early to do 2 miles before starting with the main group at 7, just to get myself done a little quicker at the end. I almost just went home after those first 2 miles. It was cold (about 20 degrees) and windy and my legs were tight after just a mile. Fantastic. I had even doubled up on my pants, had a layer of tights on under my wind pants, and my muscles were still not having any of it.

But, I decided it would be ridiculous to wake up so early and drive over to Grandview just to run 2 miles, so I kept at it. I ended up only doing 16 instead of the 18 I had planned because the other two gals that I normally run with were doing 16. That's a bad habit I find myself falling into, and I need to get out of it. They arent doing the same races I'm doing, so of course they won't be doing the same mileage on our Saturday runs. I will most likely be skipping this Saturday's long run because I'm hosting a baby shower at my house that afternoon, so I'll have to get it done on my own Sunday.

Our course started off at Grandview High School and we made our way up to the trail at Longview Lake. I HATE that trail. It is so broken up and uneven, it is just a really poor runninng surface. So by the time we got done, my ankles and feet were killing me. I felt a lot better after stretching out and taking a shower (and of course consuming my usual 1100 calorie Chipotle burrito), but my left foot was still pretty painful. It's much better today though, so I'm thinking it was probably just a tendon or something that got a little over-used.

I finally loaded the Garmin software onto my computer last night and got all of the data from my last few runs uploaded. It is so cool! I can totally see where all the aid stations were based on my speed, and it's neat to see how a change in grade affects your speed. Although, Garmin better check yaself, because I do not appreciate my pace being classified as a "slow jog"! I need to spend some more time playing with the actual unit, because I know it's got a bunch of features that I haven't even touched yet.


Janice {Run Far} said...

I cut my sat run short too. From 16 to only 10. It was so windy and I was just not in the mood to fight it any longer... I figure I needed another week to recover from the marathon I had run 6 days before anyways.

Chic Runner said...

sometimes it's just for the best. :) Hope you feel better soon!

~Robyn~ said...

I think my garmin says "pace too slow to register...try again later"