Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 Years

2 years ago, I was about 50 minutes into the bike portion of IMFL feeling like I was going to die. I had major stomach issues after that swim, and the first 12 miles of the bike royally sucked. But I did it! Man, I cant believe it's been 2 years already. In some ways it feels like a lot longer, and in some ways it feels like I just did it.

I just got done reading my recap and boy, does it make me want to do another one. I will, just probably not anytime in the near future. The next time I do it, I will be better. Just like the next marathon I do, I will be better. So I've got a lot of work to do!

Speaking of that, I've been doing good with getting myself to the gym, and last night I did my first interval workout on the treadmill. I only did 4 quarter mile repeats, but I did them at a sub 8:30 pace, and I didnt die, so that is a good thing! I'll get that sub 30 minute 5K, then we'll work on a sub 60 minute 10K. Right now my half marathon PR is about 2:35, so I'll have to assess things and figure out a new goal for that. And we all know what my marathon goal is. All in good time!
So, since IMFL, here is what has kept me occupied:

- I took a year off to be fat and lazy

- I got laid off, and spent 4 months getting caught on my Soaps instead of taking advantage of the time off and training. The only productive thing I did was paint the kitchen cabinets.

- My sister in law got married in Colorado

- We sold our old house (in 3 days, I might add) and bought a new one

- I turned 30

- Courtney got married

- I hosted a fetus party (baby shower) for my friend Julie

- I got to touch Chrissie Wellington

- I did 3 marathons

- I did a grand total of 2 tris, including HyVee

So, I guess I've kept busy enough.