Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chugging along...on swollen feet

Seriously, my feet are out of control. Out. Of. Control. I am running out of shoes that I can squeeze them into, even my Crocs are tight. And I'm not talking about "comfortably" squeezing my feet into shoes. Oh no, we passed that stage a long time ago. I'm talking about being able to have some sort of covering on my feet since it's generally required if you are going anywhere in public. Or work.

I put my old running shoes on the other night, and they went on, but barely. And rather painfully. I'm surprised the seams didnt bust.

In other news, Tuesday was night 6 of Bradley classes. Yay! Halfway done! This class was all about pushing, or Stage 2 labor. About what you'd expect. Lets just say that I heard the word "perineum" spoken more in that 2 hour period that I have in my entire life, or ever care to again.

I am starting to get sick of some of the people in our class though. (this is where my "I Hate People" disorder comes into play) One couple in particular. The wife is CONSTANTLY touching her husband. And not just holding his hand or something benign like that. Her favorite thing seems to be stroking his face. She is always stroking his face! I'm glad they're in love and all, but come on. It's a little sickening. I'm not big on PDA anyway, but I'm normally not totally turned off by it. These two just take it to a weird level.

And they ask the stupidest questions! Mainly the husband. Look dude, you dont need a detailed explanation of Kegels. You're not the one who's supposed to be doing them. And if you cant figure out where the cervix is even though there is a freaking DIAGRAM with LABELS right in front of your face, then go home and study up. Don't waste our (my) time asking about it. And for the love of Christ, when your wife is in labor you will "let" her move about whenever and wherever she damn well pleases. You dont need to ask for a detailed list of the times it is appropriate to let her move. Not to mention it is THEIR fault we have class in a church over in Mission Hills. Our instructor normally teaches it out of her house, which happens to be literally half a mile from our house. But because these two live in LEAVENWORTH, our instructor found somewhere a little farther north to accomodate them better.

I normally get irritated pretty quickly by people, but dang. These two just push my buttons more than normal. Even though I THINK I have done a pretty good job of keeping myself in check the last few months, I'm going to blame this one on the hormones.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Randomness

I am seriously about to move to Alaska. For two reasons.
1) I am DONE with summer. And it's not even officially summer yet! I feel huge and uncomfortable and awkward and bloated and sweaty. My hands and feet will not stop pouring sweat from them. I'd walk around naked if that were appropriate, but I still dont think it would help much. So Courtney and I have decided we're going to go live in an igloo and adopt some penguins and a polar bear cub to keep us company. Sounds like a plan.

2) The Big 12 is totally fucked (well, it's basically GONE) and I am no longer looking forward to football season. I dont want to be in the Big 10! I don't care about Penn State or Michigan or Ohio State or Purdue. I like the Big 12. About this time every year is when I really start looking forward to football season, and that is just shot to shit now. UGH.

Oh, and thanks a lot Tom Osborne, I no longer get to look forward to the KU/Nebraska game every year and giving Dan a bunch of shit for it. And we'll never get to take our kids to a KU/Nebraska game. Sad. Oh sure, maybe we'll end up with a few non-conference match ups, but it wont be the same. It won't mean anything. Stupid as it may be, I was sort of looking forward to 20-some years from now getting to take our kids to games in Lincoln, and before the game go to the bars I used to go to in college, and play the same teams we've always played. Now I'll have to take them to a fucking WISCONSIN game. Who cares?!

I am so depressed. And gawd, I cant even drink my sorrows away. Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

The one bright spot in my day is that we finally get to pick up the nursery furniture tonight. Yay! That room has been empty since we moved into the house almost 2 years ago just waiting to be able to fill it up with baby stuff, and I finally get to. I felt sort of stupid ordering the furniture as early as we did, somewhere around 14w. But they said it would take 12 weeks to come in, and it did. I officially hit 3rd tri on Monday and have been silently freaking out that the nursery is still empty. I know I still have 3 months, but dang, for some reason it suddenly feels like TOMORROW.

Oh, and had Bradley class #5 on Tuesday. It was all about 1st stage labor and what to expect during it. Probably the most helpful part was a chart that's included in the book that lists various common physical signs, emotional signs, behaviors, etc, for each part of 1st stage. Our instructor said that she's been able to tell where each of her doula clients was at in their labor based off of that chart. So we shall see how accurate it is.

One thing that was funny, is that when I was reading the "mindset" associated with each stage, I was totally comparing it to IM. First there's the excited "yay, this is it!" stage = right before the swim. The "lets get down to work" stage = during the swim and the first part of the bike. The "this is starting to be really hard and painful" stage = the last part of the bike. The "this is too hard, I dont think I can do it" stage = last half of the run. And the "I'm almost there, lets do it" stage = the last few miles of the run.

I know I keep thinking it, but there has GOT to be some sort of correlation. I literally thought that I was actually dying during a few of those miles in the last half of the run. Or more like I WISHED I was dying because that would have put me out of my misery. I kept plowing along through that, so yeah, I'm not too worried.

27w 4d.