Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well, I guess I'm not technically back in the saddle since I haven't been on my bike yet since November, but I'm at least working out. I took almost 3 full month off from doing anything physical, I figured I just needed the break. And it has been oh so nice not HAVING to get up early to go run or whatever. I signed up for Runners Edge again and went to the first session at the end of January, then skipped every week until this last weekend. It's just so hard getting on a schedule again! But I finally feel like I'm ready to really start training again.

People keep asking me what races I'm doing this year, and I truly dont know yet. This time last year I had my whole season mapped out, and now I have nothing. I know I dont want to do anything longer than an Oly and a half marathon. No half IM's, and no marathons for me this year. Long mileage just doesnt sound appealing right now.

So, I will PROBABLY be doing the following races, though I havent really taken the time or effort to look up any race calendars to see when things are.
- Heritage Park Tri
- Hospital Hill half mary
- Shawnee Mission long course
- KC Womens Tri
- Quarter Max

I hear there's another all women's tri in the area this year, but I dont know when. So maybe that one too. It's SO nice not having to be as hard core and serious about it as I was last year! I still want to do more IM's in the future, but not for a long while. And some day soon, i will get my bike down out of the rafters and actually clean it off so I can start riding again. It still has my IMFL numbers and dried, sticky Gatorade all over it.

In other news, I got laid off from my job in December. I'm still not working, but at least I've finally started getting called for interviews. Where was all this free time when I was training for Florida!?