Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well isn't that some shit

So, my work finally decided to block blogger. Fantastic! Usually I kill my lunch hour at work catching up on blogs and updating mine, and now I cant. When I get home, usually the last thing on my mind is getting online, so this is proving to be a pain in the ass. *sigh*

On Saturday I got in my second 20-miler in my OKC marathon training, and it went much better than the first. We ran on the Little Blue Trace trail, it's nearly flat, and is just in really great shape. The weather was perfect, a little cool to start, then comfortable by the end. Having a bad long run always makes me question whether or not I REALLY want to do a marathon, but then a good long run just confirms that I do. So I'm feeling really good about OKC coming up in a month.

This weekend is the Olathe half, and I'm looking forward to seeing how fast I can go. Runners Edge is leading the pace groups, so I'm for sure going to plan on sticking with one of them. I'm thinking I'll do the 2:20 group, since I think that if I can do a 2:20 half, I can realistically do a 5:00 full. We'll see! They're calling for snow/sleet/rain, which should make things interesting. I thought we were done with the snow for this spring! But, I keep reminding myself that I do better running in the cold than the heat. So I'm trying not to let it bother me.

I'm also meeting up with Kimpossible, Adventure Seeker, and Run to Finish on Friday evening. Yay! My first bloggy meet up! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I just felt like run-ning!

I watched Forrest Gump last night, and the part where he's running across America always gets me. Where does he sleep? How does he pay for stuff? (because he didnt take any money with him when he left his house) Are his feet just totally blistered? He appears to do the whole thing in one pair of shoes...I dont think that is good for you. Do his knees and hips bother him from running that much? And how does he run that much when he hadnt even been training!? I need to learn to stop analyzing movies.

Anyway. I am so proud of myself today. I have the afternoon off. And it's St. Patricks Day. It's also 70-some degrees here in KC. Perfect weather for sitting on the patio drinking some green beers. But nope! I am going to go home and get in my 8 miles first. THEN I shall treat myself. I even turned down some invitations to go start drinking this afternoon with my friends. I'm either dedicated, or old and boring. We'll go with dedicated.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I kept meaning to post about my 20 from Saturday, and I kept forgetting or getting too busy! Saturday turned out to be an unseasonably warm day for the first part of March, about 65 or so. I went out early at 6:30 to do 2 miles before starting with the main group at 7, and I got hot just from that. I knew that wasn't a good sign.

When our main group started at 7:00, I was actually feeling pretty good up until about the time we turned around. We had a pretty good sized group for the first 7 miles or so, and had a good conversation going. The first 3 miles of our route were through a HILLY neighborhood, but after that we jumped on the trail and it was relatively flat. The second aid station had Jolly Ranchers, which I was super excited about, because the last time I took Jolly Ranchers with me on a run was at IMFL. I had kind of forgotten about them! I highly recommend them for long runs.

It ended up being only Kristi and I going 18 miles (I only had to do 18 with the group since I'd already done 2), so we were by ourselves after everyone turned around. We were having a good time, and I was feeling pretty good, despite the fact that I was getting really hot. When I'm running in the heat, my fingers tend to swell pretty bad, and that had already happened. I know 65 degrees isn't "hot", but it sure is when you've been running in 30 degree weather or cooler for the past 5 months.

After we turned around I really started hurting. My hips were sore, and my left foot was starting to bother me again. I did something to it on my 16 mile run 2 weeks ago, and it hasnt bothered me since, but I hadnt done any very long runs either. So between my foot, my hips, and my sausage fingers, I was not a happy camper. But Kristi was feeling it too, so at least I had some company in my misery. By the time we got back to the neighborhood portion, we were both just DONE. We ended up walking probably a mile total of the last 2 miles. Disappointing, but at that point I really didnt care. I was just happy to have gotten in my 20.

On the bright side, my feet didnt blister any more than normal. On Sunday I cut my blisters off completely and have been keeping New Skin on those areas, so I'm HOPING that will help the issue a little bit. They always drain on their own, but then I never take a long enough break from running to let them really heal. So they just fill up again the next time I run. I've been laying off the running this week hoping that my foot issue will resolve itself.

I made Dan go get my Chipotle this time, and I scarfed that thing down in about 2 minutes. 20 miles makes a girl hungry! Up this weekend is a nice "short" 12 miler. Can't wait!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday

I am a little bitter after last night's run, so I am in no mood to post any running or tri related photos today. So you get my dogs :)

Last night's run did not go so well. I had 4 miles planned, and was looking forward to it becasue it was so nice out. About 75 degrees, just beautiful. I loosened up really quick and just zoned in and cranked out the first 2 miles in 19 minutes. Yeah! 9:30 pace! Man, I was so excited. Then I turned around. And my legs were like "eff you!", so I had to slow down a bit. Then my stomach was like "eff you!". Uuuuggggggghhhhhh! I tried to keep going, but you get to a point where your only options are either walk it in, or start looking for a large bush to go behind. Since I was in the middle of a residential neighborhood, plan B was not an option. So I ended up having to walk about the last mile. Feck! I was really excited about the possibility of doing 4 miles in 40 minutes or less. But, if I'm going to crap myself, it will not be on a 4 mile run!
Tomorrow I've got my 20-miler planned. I'm looking forward to the Chipotle burrito that will earn me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This and That

Oh boy have I been slacking. On updating my blog anyway. I was PLANNING to run 12 miles last Sunday, but that didn't happen. I had a good reason, I swear! I help out from time to time with Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue with transporting dogs to where they need to go. I had volunteered to pick up a dog from her foster home on Saturday morning and give her a ride part way so she could meet her ride for the rest of the way to Omaha where she was being adopted. Well, long story short, I ended up picking up TWO dogs on FRIDAY night, whom I kept all weekend, then had to pick up the original girl on Sunday morning and drive them half way to Omaha. Which was farther than I had originally been planning anyway. Really, who could resist these cute little faces!?

Poor girls, both of them were totally terrified and didnt come out of their crates all weekend. Until I left their crate doors open on Sunday morning while I was getting ready and the little red one crawled in with the black one so they could snuggle. Both are doing well, and are available for adoption if anyone is looking for a little friend! :)

And the reason I had to skip RE on Saturday morning? Well, I was hosting a baby shower. And this was not just ANY baby shower. This was an all out fetus party! We didnt start out intending to have a fetus themed shower, it just sort of evolved. First with the discovery of fetus shaped cookie cutters, and then it just went from there. You know it's a good party when the guest of honor shows up wearing a fetus shirt, one of the drinks being served is called Bon Drunkage, there are fetus cookies complete with umbillical cords and placentas, and people are still at your house partying at 11:30 at night. Fun times! Some highlights:

Some fetus cookies:

A rousing game of "pin the fetus on Jules"

Baby R likes the Absolut Pear already! (isnt that fetus shirt kind of creepy!?) And not to worry, no alcohol was consumed by the mom to be, she was just lamenting the fact that she couldn't partake :)

So, I may not have done any running, but I did have a fun weekend. Now back to reality. I have a 20-miler for this Saturday that I'm actually looking forward to because it's supposed to be like 70 degrees out. Talk about spring fever! I did 6 miles on Tuesday, and came out with an 11:15 pace. But that includes me having to wait quite a while on both my way out and way back to cross a really busy intersection. So lets just say it was more like an 11:00 pace. Which I'm really happy with.