Friday, April 9, 2010

I had a doctors appointment today, and for the first time in my life they had to move the BIG slider on the scale. Yup, officially passed the 150 lb mark. Oh well, that mean's baby is growing and getting bigger. Although, if you look at any of the pregnancy weight gain charts, they all say I'm gaining too much weight too fast. Those charts can kiss my ass.

Baby is about the size of a potato, and the big news for the week is that I can finally feel it moving! Everything I've read says that they already have a sleep/awake pattern established, and it figures that my kid would sleep all day and be up all night. I feel it the most in the evening, and whenever I wake up in the middle of the night I can always feel it. Although, if I jiggle my belly during the day, it wakes up and starts moving. Ha! Wake up kid, we're going to start work NOW on getting you on an acceptable sleep schedule. You always hear that the first movements feel like flutters or bubbles popping or whatever. I think it feels more like I have a giant tapeworm crawling around in there. Not that I would know what a tapeworm feels like. Whatever it is though, had a nice healthy HB of 150 today though, so right on track

Last weekend I was reminded again of why men arent the ones who get pregnant. We were headed up to Omaha, and as we were driving through St. Joe Dan asked if I wanted to stop at this bar that one of his friends owns and have a drink. Um, no thanks? The man honestly forgot that his wife was pregnant. So you know if they were the ones to get pregnant, they'd forget about it until they were 3 beers in and then realize "Oh shit!!!"

Only 12 more days till we get to find out! I still say girl, we'll see if I'm right. Although, the only baby dream I've had so far involved me getting an u/s and the tech pointing out the boy bits. So really, I won'tbe surprised either way.