Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Half Baked

Halfway there! Halfway there! Man, I cant believe this kid is already halfway done baking. If this were a marathon, I'd be past mile 13. Except, in a few miles I'd start hurting really bad and crying and wishing for death. So, uh, lets not compare this to a marathon. Because if the first part of pregnancy was the best part, then I am in for a world of hurt. So lets just nix that comparison.

The belly is definitley growing-

Aside from the ever expanding waistline (and still NON-expanding boobs, WTF), there still isnt a whole lot going on. I did start work on the nursery by getting it primed and the trim painted. I know priming isnt all that exciting, but if you saw this room before I did it, you just might be excited afterall. For some reason, I had decided after we moved in that I should paint the room red. We're talking bright, Husker red. Except, painting a room red takes about 500 coats, and I got fed up after 4. So it never really looked very good. Plus, I made a mess of all the trim in the process, so there were red smears all over the trim. Awesome. Oh, and the woman who owned this house before us had touched up the trim using about 5 different shades of white, all in a flat finish. Who uses flat paint for trim?? Also, she didnt actually use WHITE, it was more of a yellowish, antiquey-white color. Barf. This is before I did the trim, so you can see how yellow it looks:
You can see Ashley's house out the window. Hi Ashley!

Ah, much brighter. Also note the new windows! Eh, they really dont look any different than the old ones, except for the fact that they aren't rotting apart.

Annnndddddd......we should find out boy or girl tomorrow! Yay!


Courtney Staton said...

I'm sad to see the red room go! I liked the red! but, that would probably be sensory overload for little weeble wobble Hurley. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

Look at all that light!! What a great room for a nursery :)

Ashley said...

Hi house!

The room is looking good though, even if it is just a coat of primer. I love all the light you get in there.

marjaricci said...

Looks like the nursery is coming along! And you are looking good.