Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its a....

Girl! Woah, I'm going to have a daughter. I'm sure she'll be all sweet and cute for the first few years, and then hate me until she's about 30. It's just the law of nature, it can't be helped. The ultrasound was really cool, baby was moving around quite a bit but not enough for me to feel. She must be going absolutely nuts when I am able to feel her! We got to see her do a somersault and suck her thumb, so that was neat.

Here she is with her foot up in her face, about to poke her eyes out with her toes:

Speaking of feet, check out the big gap between her big toe and her second toe! She definitely gets that from me, I have freaking lobster claws:

Here's a shot of her legs all stretched out with her ankles crossed. She's got her arm resting on top of her leg. Long arms!

....Long arms and big hands. This is looking down from the top, she's got her little (big) hand up in front of her face. Those are some basketball playing hands! Dan is so proud.

And just as a comparison, here are her hands at 13 weeks. She's done a lot of growing in the last 7 weeks!

Here she is the first time we saw her at 6 weeks, just a tiny, indiscernable bean with a flicker of a heartbeat. So amazing that she has turned into an actual PERSON in such a short amount of time!

That tiny gray blob that the arrow in the middle is pointing to? That's the baby.
Let the pink shopping frenzy begin!


marjaricci said...

The detail in those ultrasounds is incredible!

Courtney Staton said...

I decided, after being slightly bummed, that I am really excited you're having a girl. Why? Because when I do spy ridiculously cute girly things that I want to buy for my son (and eric would kill me if I did), I can buy them for little Baby Drewie!