Friday, April 16, 2010

5 on Friday

Well it seems that these "5 on Friday" posts are pretty popular in the blog world, and since I apparently need every motivation I can find to post, I will jump on the bandwagon.

1. Did you know that being pregnant makes it hard to pee? True story. I had always heard that you have to pee a lot when you're pregnant, and you do, but it turns out it's because you cant empty your fucking bladder. I go to pee, and barely anything comes out. So when I get up, I still have to go. WTF. I am going to start wearing Depends so I can just go whenever I want instead of having to run to the bathroom only for nothing to happen.

2. I miss beer. I think I miss it more than wine.

3. When I was driving back to work after lunch today, I was in the turn lane to make a right hand turn, there was a green right hand turn arrow, and the person in front of me had to do a granny roll through the entire turn. Dude, you are driving an Infiniti G35, I'm pretty sure it can handle turns better than the Element, we dont need to slow to 2mph. And when I passed you 3 seconds later, it was clear that you were not an 85 year old woman with bifocals, so there is no excuse. I HATE people that do this! Seriously, I spend half of the time I'm driving having road rage. If I ever mention wanting to get a concealed carry license, please stop me, because I'm sure it would end in me getting into some sort of shoot out over someone driving too slow.

4. I was in BRU the other day, I went on my afternoon off to avoid the cluster it becomes on the weekends. Plus, it is out at 135th & 69, and it is just best that I avoid that area during heavy traffic times for the above mentioned reason. Well apparently every stay-at-home mom in JoCo had decided it was a good time for a trip to the ol' baby supply store, so there were women and babies EVERYWHERE. Which was fine, until one baby started crying, which made another one cry, which made another one get the idea. I about had a stroke, and it cut short my perusing through the cute teeny tiny baby clothes. I dont know if I'm ready for my own screaming kid. I have a lot of patience for my dogs, I just hope that transfers to the baby.

5. I am so happy it's finally SPRING. I feel like I've been in such a funky mood lately, and I'm sure it's because I've been a shut-in basically since Christmas. This weather makes me actually WANT to get outside and do something instead of laying on the couch watching Criminal Minds reruns all night.

Hooray for the weekend!

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