Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Triathlete stew

The website for the HyVee Triathlon has posted the current water temp for the reservoir we'll be swimming in. As of yesterday, it was 83 degrees. Yes, that's the water temperature. They also made a note that as of that reading, it is not a wetsuit legal swim. Ha. Ha ha! Wear a wetsuit in 83 degree water? Are you kidding me?? I will be shocked if I see ANYBODY wearing a wetsuit on Sunday. Even a shortjohn would be so hot. I might get heat stroke by the time I finish the swim anyway, no way am I adding a layer of neoprene. Swimming is supposed to be a little bit refreshing, this will not be.

It has really been too hot to do much of anything outside the past few days. I had actually planned on going out to SMP last night and getting in one last swim in the lake, but I ended up needing to drive out to Harrisonville to pick up a couple of bostons that MABTR was taking into rescue. A "breeder" down in Joplin had them living in crates outside. The small, short muzzled breeds are especially susceptible to heat, so they should not have been out there. Poor guys panted the whole 45 minute drive back to my house. They sure were friendly little suckers for having been cooped up in crates their whole life! They were stinky as heck, so they both got a bath, and then got to spend the night down in the nice cool basement. If we didnt already have 3 dogs, I would have just kept them both!

On Sunday I got out for a semi-long ride, but still cut it a bit short because it was just so hot. I went out south to my favorite stretch of straight, rolling pavement, and got in about 18 miles. I was planning on 25, but dang! Being out there in the blazing sun really takes it out of you when you arent acclimated to the heat yet. We've had a fair number of days in the 80's so far, but lately it's been in the mid-90's with a heat index of over 100. Hopefully it cools down a LITTLE bit for this Sunday.

This Saturday I'm getting up to run 12 with RE and then heading up to Des Moines for the main event. Should be a good time. Dan's got the Lenexa BBQ this weekend so can't come. The couple of time's he's missed a race it is a bit weird without my cheering section!


Kim said...

Have a great race this weekend!

Is it ever going to cool down. For real...I do think I might melt.

marjaricci said...

Have fun at your race...I'll be thinking of you and cheering for you. Sorry it didn't work out for me to be your stand in cheering section. That will happen sometime though!