Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello summer!

So yes, i got a little lazy after OKC and took about 3 weeks off. Eladio is always telling us though that the Kenyans take a MONTH off after a marathon, so what is 3 measley weeks!? Psh! Totally deserved it. I was definitely ready to start running again after that though. The bad thing about the timing of my littl break was that it happened to fall during apparently our only 3 weeks of spring. So once I started again, it was hot. Well, in the 70's, but thats a pretty big jump from where we had been. But still not bad though.

This past Saturday I had a 12 miler and thought I might just have heat stroke. Even though we started at 6:30, so I was done around 9, it was still about 80 by the time I finished. Usually I have a few people to run with, but Saturday everyone in my group was only doing 8. So they turned around at 4 miles, while I still had another 2 to go before I got to head back. I dont mind running by myself, and it was kind of nice to be out on the trail without anyone else around. The first 4 miles were pretty flat, then the last 2 before the turn were HILLY. Long, steep hills. The kind where you're pretty much forced to run on your toes to get up them. Fun times. But at least that part was in the trees and shaded.

On my way back, when I was at about mile 10.5, I passed two older guys going the other direction, not in our group. As they passed me, one of them looks right at me and says "better pace yourself!". WTF?! Pace your damn self, dude. Did I really look that bad? Probably so. I am not one of those girls who looks cute when they are running, I always end up looking like a hot mess. Oh well.

On Memorial Day Dan and I went to the Royals game, and as I was sitting there in my shorts, I looked down and was MORTIFIED by how my legs looked. No wonder my thighs got chafed at OKC, they are a big blubbery mess! Well, relatively speaking, anyway. I need to get those puppies toned up again.

Now, I knew I needed to start doing something else besides running. So in a half-hearted attempt to do something, I (dont laugh) had bought the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD and was going to do that in the mornings before work. Which I did, for a few days. But dang, it is boring! It's a decent workout, I can definitely give myself a better one on my own. It would definitely be good for beginners though. So anyway, I'm going to start getting up and running in the mornings, and then lifting after work. Works out well, since it's starting to be hot in the afternoons when i get home anyway, and I'm not a big fan of running in the late afternoon heat. So we'll see how this goes!


Kim said...

Glad you're back. Missed you!

I was just looking at your schedule, did you do Heritage Park or the KC Tri, since you are the KC Tri Chick and all?

Oz Runner said...

good luck getting the morning runs going...and nice job on the 12 miler..can't believe that dude said "pace yourself" wow

marjaricci said...

So should I skip that DVD then? I'm doing good on the cardio front, biking and all, but I need some weight training!