Friday, June 12, 2009

No 70.3 for this one

Ok, so 2 weeks of lifting are done, and I feel good! And I know it's all mental at this point, but I even feel like I already LOOK better. I just dont feel as squishy anymore. The scale has gone down a smidge, which is nice, but honestly that's not even what I really care about. Before I got into all this running/triathlon stuff, I was a total gym rat. Lifted 6 days a week, and I looked like it. Super lean, cut, just looked the way I wanted to. You'd think that running marathons, and I dont know, DOING AN IRONMAN, would keep a person in shape. And it does. Just not the same shape as hitting the weights.

My overall plan is to be running in the morning then lifting after work, but so far I've only managed one morning run. I've found that I have just been so TIRED, not to mention sore, with this new routine. I'm starting to get more adapted to it though, and am not feeling quite as worn down as I was at first. So that's good.

Saturday is the last day of RE for the spring session, then we have a week off before the fall sesion starts. I know, I know, the "fall" session starts in June. But it ends in the fall, so I guess thats why it's called the fall session! My friend Stacey is going to come run with us on Saturday, and is thinking about signing up at mid-session in August to train for the KC half marathon. I hope she does! I have been trying for ever to get someone to sign up, and I may have finall found a victim, er, taker. Anyone else in KC should really consider it as well, I just cant imagine a better way to get your long runs in. So, go sign up. Do it now!

This weekend is the IMKS 70.3 race over in Lawrence. I was all gung ho about signing up for it back in the fall, and was going to sign up for the Steelhead 70.3 as well. But I just sort of petered out on the whole tri thing this year and decided to just run. I dont know what it is, but for some reason having done a full IM now just makes anything shorter seem kind of blah. I know I shouldnt think that way, doing a sprint or oly or half is still a blast. And lord knows I need to work on my speed. But there's still that part of me that thinks "Ironman is just so COOL, anything else is pointless!". Kind of like how anything less than a full marathon now is boring. Geez, I really need a better mindset :)

But anyway, I'll be heading over to Lawrence to watch Court and a few others race it, and maybe that will snap me out of it when I see all the fun I'm missing out on. Because a half really is a fun distance, it's totally doable training-wise, and you're still done before dinner.


Sarah said...

Woohoo! I always look forward to a new post from you.
I think it's easy to forget how much fun other distances can be in racing, but I always try to remind myself why those others are also good. For something as short as a 5 or 10K I think of how much fun it is to just go, run fast for less than an hour, and not feel like death for the rest of the day (or the next one). And you don't have to skip training sessions for longer runs when you are racing so short!

Stacey said...

I am so happy to be your victim. I LOVED the run this morning. Afterwards I was thinking that I totally could have done 10. I called Matt on the way home and told him we were going to stash away money now and join in August. It was great to run with other people and also great that I wasn't pressuring myself to feel like I HAD to go faster. In regards to the lengths of runs, when I start to get nervous about running the 1/2 I think shit, it's only 13.1 miles, Julie's an IM :)

Kim said...

We were out today cheering on the IMKS'ers as well. And I totally understand, I've been called a marathon snob before.

I'm doing Pigman in August if you got the fever today to do a HIM.