Monday, June 15, 2009


Did I really say that I didnt feel like doing any tris this year? What the hell was I thinking?! I was in Lawrence yesterday to watch IMKS 70.3 and was SO bummed that I wasnt racing. So bummed that I actually almost started crying a couple of times. It just felt so weird being a spectator. Sad!

However, it WAS fun getting to finally watch one! I've never gotten able to watch since I've always been racing in them. And this was a great race to watch! The way they had the run course set up, it was basically a loop of 3 out-and-backs that the athletes did twice. So we parked ourselves at the 3-way intersection of all those out-and-backs and got to see quite a bit of action. Plus, there were a bunch of big name pros doing the race, so it was cool getting to see them! Chrissie Wellington, Tim DeBoom, Joanna Lawn, Nina Kraft, Luke Bell, etc. Very cool. Aaaaannnnnndddddd, Chrissie Wellington even stuck around after the race and was handing out medals to the finishers, then after that she was over in a tent signing autographs and I got to get my pic taken with her! She seemed so genuinely nice and happy to be there, and was so patient with everyone wanting a picture or autograph. Very nice to see.

I had gone out to Lawrnece on Saturday night to spend the night with Courtney at her friends house and then head over to the race site early on Sunday. It was nice not having to drive all the way in from JoCo! Then Dan and Bryce came over in the morning because we had a couple of other friends racing too. It was cloudy and cool and sprinkling for most of the morning, then by the time people were out on the run course the sun had come out in full force and the temp had jumped up to the high 80's. And of course I got fried, I swear, I'm never prepared with sunscreen. Bad times. Dan had brought Max and Bryce brought Emma, so we also had 2 very hot dogs on our hands. We were able to find some shade out along the run course though, and Max cooled off pretty quick. I wore the ever popular "more cowbell" shirt from IMFL, and it was of course a big hit. I dont know what it is, but people just love that shirt!

So! Since I realized that maybe I DO in fact want to do some tris this summer, I'm going to go ahead and do HyVee in 2 weeks. I signed up months ago, and had planned to ride up to DesMoines with Bryce since he's doing it too and Dan has the Lenexa BBQ that weekend and cant go. I was going to just scrap it, but being at the race yesterday quickly changed my mind. So I guess I need to get on my bike and into the pool a few times here in the next couple of weeks! It's an oly, so I feel like I'll be fine with my MINIMAL swim and bike training. I wont be fast by any stretch of the imagination, but lets be honest, I never am. I'll just go and have fun.


Chic Runner said...

I go through that too a lot. Right now I don't even want to run, and it's hard to find the motivation. If you want to sign up for one you'll know when your ready :) Ps I think your totally way hardcore because you do them at all btw.

Ashley said...

I was supposed to do HyVee & have trained since Feb and now I have a stress fracture & can't do it. :( HAVE FUN!!! Wish I could be there!

marjaricci said...

YAY! That's awesome....I hope you have a great time at the tri. And I'm happy to finally see the infamous more cowbell's so awesome, I'd wear it every other day.

Kim said...

You made me laugh! I, too, actually almost cried a couple of times on Sunday. Why? Don't know. It was my first time spectating at a tri.

Come do Pigman with me! It's JUST A HALF, but...:)