Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tickets booked!

Registration: Check!
Condo: Check!
Plane tickets: CHECK!

I don’t know why, but for some reason booking our plane tickets to Florida really excites me! We had been debating about where to fly into, because flying direct to Panama City was a lot more than flying to another nearby airport and then driving in. But Court found a cheap flight to PCB, so we went ahead and booked. AND, we’re even staying a day longer than we had planned! We were going to come back on Monday, but go figure, tickets are about $80 cheaper if we come back Tuesday. So we’re going to get a cheap hotel for Monday night and spend another day laying on the beach. I can’t wait! Oh yeah, it’s not exactly a “vacation” :) But it will still be fun!


TriFeist said...

WOOHOO!!! Awesome! Flying into PCB is a good call. The closest airports aren't that close and they are almost as expesive.

Can't wait to see you there.

Sarah said...

Just want to let you know that I think you are pretty amazing. Your blog always inspires me to get up off my booty and do something!!