Monday, July 30, 2007

My botched plan

So I had been planning to ride to Lawrence and back on Sunday, and that didn’t quite happen. Last weekend my cassette came apart and I was all proud of myself for fixing it. Well, turns out it wasn’t fixed as well as I thought. I got out to the New Century Air Center Sunday morning and set out towards Lawrence. A couple of miles in, my cassette started rattling again, I looked down, and sure enough, all the cogs were loose again. Dammit! So I hopped off my bike, took the wheel off, got the cassette put back together, put my wheel back on, and started riding again. Not 5 miles later, it happened again. Sonofabitch! Repeated the same process and kept going. It happened AGAIN at about mile 12. At this point I said F it, I’m turning around. So I fixed the cassette yet again and headed back to the airport. Of course it came loose before I got done, but I refused to stop and fix it again. By the time I got back to my car, it was so loose that I only had about 2 gears that my chain would grab. Fantastic. I was ready to throw my bike in a ditch, I was so pissed. I drove up to the Trek store and got there just as they were opening and had one of the shop guys fix it for me. Who knew you needed some special tool to tighten down your cassette? At any rate, it’s fixed, and I’m planning to do the route to Lawrence this weekend. The portion of the course that I managed to ride was awesome, rolling hills and very little traffic, and I came across a group of about 12 riders on my way back (must be nice to have that many people to ride with!) who were stopped while one of them fixed a flat. So I pulled over and asked where they were riding, showed them the map of my route and asked if it was a good way to go. They all agreed it was a good route. So I’m looking forward to actually making it to Lawrence next time.

This morning I drug myself out of bed around 5:15 for a 4 mile run. Ah, I remember the days when 4 miles seemed like a long way to go, now it’s nothing. Anyway, I managed to keep up consistent 11 minute miles, which I felt really good about. And there’s this hill on 71st Street just east of Metcalf that I always end up walking part of because it’s relatively steep and long, but today I ran the whole thing. Yeah! When I was watching the morning news while I stretched after I got home, the weather guy said that it was currently 100% humidity. I don’t even know how that is possible, I would think that it’d automatically rain if there was that much humidity in the air. But regardless, it was effin HU-MID!


TriLVErin said...

Boo hoo, 100% humidity! Why are you complaining so much? :) Wussy!

TriLVErin said...
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