Monday, July 30, 2007

More QuarterMax pics

The UltraMax event staff finally posted the pictures they took at the race last month. I had said earlier that I dont know if I'll do this race next year in the interest of saving money, but looking at these reminds me how much I LOVE it! This is hands down my favorite race.

I love this one, and it's too good not to post. I think Court was digging for gold.....

Waiting for the start (I'm in the light blue top with the swirlies on it and dark shorts)

They didnt quite get the full effect of my sprint finish, but they caught me and the bitch, I mean, girl, who beat me by 3/10 of a second after we crossed the finish line. I dont think I look too pissed about losing :)

I dont know if I'm just tired here, or thinking about how much I hate it when people bring their kids across the finish line with them....

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