Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liz Fedofsky

Last week, Court pointed me in the direction of Liz Fedofsky's blog. I remember this chick from the UltraMax races, she's wicked fast, so I strolled over to see what she had to say. Her most recent post regards the world's assumption that any woman of a "certain age" who is married should obviously have babies on the brain. I definitely identify with what she was saying, and found it oh so fitting for the day I was having when I read it. Earlier that afternoon, a co-worker had brought in his 4 year old daughter and was taking her around to meet people. First off, I like kids. For the most part. Once they are able to carry on a reasonable conversation with me and remain relatively well behaved while I'm around them, I have no problem with kids. This particular little girl seemed polite and intelligent, so I didn't mind talking with her for a couple of minutes. A while later, her dad came back by and said "so doesnt she just make you want to have a few of your own??" Um, no, not really, no. Then I got the inevitable "WTF is wrong with you that interacting with my perfect offspring doesnt make you want to run out and immediately reproduce, you freak??!?!" look. I know it well. I just stared back at him, and he eventually walked away.

A few days earlier I had lunch with a friend and she asked me what I planned to do next summer since I wouldn't be training for IM. So I immediately started thinking of all the things I look forward to doing; being able to take a nice vacation with my husband, work on the house, go camping, work more on improving my run speed and maybe do the Chicago marathon.....I certainly have no shortage of things I'd like to do. But before I could get any of those things out of my mouth, she hit me with "it will be time for you to start thinking about getting knocked up!" Excuse me? Nope, definitely wont be thinking about that any time in the near future, not that it's anybody's business. I'm fully aware that I'll be 30 next summer, and my eggs will start to rot (at least, thats what I've been told), but I really dont feel like popping out a couple of kids just to beat the clock. But again, everyone assumes that IronMan is something that I just want to get out of the way so I can move on to the more important task of having babies. I think I'll make a kick ass parent some day, but I also think I'd make a pretty shitty one if I had a kid before I even wanted it.

I'll just stick to my dogs for now. Which by the way, we're adding to that pack this weekend. Three is going to have to be the limit, I think Dan would leave me if I tried to bring home any more.

So now I'm sitting here staring out the window and this gray, drizzly day, thinking that it is really bad timing for me to finally get the motivation to go run TODAY of all days. I think I've run a total of 3 times since the marathon, one of which was at Heritage Park. So I really need to get my butt back in gear, especially since QuarterMax is fast approaching. Three weeks from Saturday. Ack! Meh, I did a marathon 3 weeks ago, surely I can handle 6 miles.

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