Thursday, May 24, 2007

I went out last night for a nice little 10 mile ride through north OP and Prairie Village. There are some wide, flat residential streets that I like to ride on over towards Mission Hills, and the weather was perfect. I was cruising down Belinder when I passed a gal in a VeloTek kit going the opposite direction. There was a round-a-bout about 300 yards down the road, so I went through that and came back around going in the same direction she had been going. After a block or so, I caught sight of her, so I decided to see if I could catch her.....and I did! And THEN I passed her going up a hill!! Granted, she was really not trying to go that fast, looked like she was doing some big-ring strength work. But I still felt pretty cool :)

Tonight I'm riding out at SMP, first time out there on my new bike. Gotta get in some more hill workouts so that I'm ready for QuarterMax in 4 weeks!

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