Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just your ordinary, average, everyday, sane psycho.

I have officially reached the certifiable stage. I emailed Eladio yesterday with a question, and he responded, so I was re-reading my original email. I had to read it a few times to make sure that I actually wrote what I did. Did I seriously say “I’m worried because my longest run for 4 weeks will ONLY be 13 miles”???? That is not normal!! Of course, it seemed normal to him and he offered a wise solution which now has me running 20 miles in 2 weeks as opposed to the 18 I had been scheduled for, among other changes. But seriously, what happened to the girl that thought she was going to die the first time she ran a mile, and who used to watch the IronMan broadcast and feel sorry for those people instead of feel insane jealousy?? It got me to thinking about other things I now do that would not have seemed normal to me a year ago. Thanks to all this IM stuff, I now:

  • think that spandex is a perfectly appropriate thing to wear in public
  • have no problem examining the blisters on my feet while sitting at my husband’s softball game
  • openly discuss my bathroom habits with anyone who wants to know
  • think that “what several hours in the saddle does to one’s girly parts” is a normal topic of conversation
  • have gone THREE weeks without cleaning my bathroom, because laying on the couch on a Saturday afternoon after a long run is preferable to cleaning
  • have spent more on race fees in the last year than I have on clothes
  • find it nearly impossible to wear heels because my feet are so mangled
  • can’t get a pedicure for the above mentioned reason
  • fantasize about shaving my head so I wouldn’t have to stuff hair into a swim cap or deal with it sticking to my face when I’m sweaty
  • don’t remember the last time I “slept in” past 8
  • would rather spend my money on new running shoes than cute shoes
  • have nice tan legs…..from mid-thigh down. My thighs are nice and pasty white
  • think that a $2000 bike is relatively cheap

I could go on and on. I'm ruined for life!


Linae said...

LOL! Who sleeps in past 8? Great list. Let me add one:

It's normal to fill half the dishwasher with water bottles.

Andy said...

I am loving these posts that everyone has put up in the last few days!!! Elizabeth Fedofsky has one up as well, and it had me laughing at work out loud! Yours are great as well. Since I have not completed an Ironman yet, some of these lines are not as bad, but I have done a half Ironman, and due to this, I have created some peculiar habits...

Dawn said...

This totally cracks me up - I'm right there with you. It's ridiculous the things that become "normal", isn't it?!

Yvette said...

Well said.