Friday, April 20, 2007


In the interest of being financially responsible, I had waited until now to order my new bike so I wouldnt have to charge it. Paying cash is better than charging something, right??? Well, turns out that the bike I want (a Felt S22) is completely out for the entire season. The manufacturer is not making any more, and the ones they have in production right now are already spoken for :( Guess I'm not the only one that thinks it's a kick ass bike. So I came up with a plan B pretty quickly so I wouldnt miss out on any other bikes. I think I'm either going to go with a Cervelo Dual, or a Quintana Roo Kilo. Both are good bikes, but the Cervelo is looking better based on the reading I've done. I've found one in stock in my size, so I'm going to go look at it tomorrow and hopefully come home with it. I'm just pissed that I missed out on the Felt! I had my heart set on it!

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