Friday, March 30, 2007

So, this week has gone pretty well. I went out for a short easy run on Monday, went about a mile and a half, just to loosen up my legs. Dr. Tobi had given me the suggestion of putting a cotton ball between my pinky toe and 4th toe to keep my pinky toes from getting so banged up, so I tried that out. Worked pretty well! Tuesday I went for an 8 mile run, and felt fantastic the whole time. No knee or hip pain, and my toes did pretty well too, eventhough they were still blistered up. Wednesday evening Courtney and I went out for what was supposed to be a leisurly ride (my first time on the road since SEPTEMBER!) and we ended up doing about 23 miles with 12 of those miles being nothing but hills. Not little rollers, but big ass hills. Ouch! Not fun for my first time out on the bike this season! But, it was pretty identical to what the course at Quarter/HalfMax is like, so its going to be a great training spot. I'm just feeling a lot better mentally than I was after that 18 mile disaster last weekend, so I'm looking forward to my 10 mile run tomorrow and the Brew to Brew on Sunday. It will be nice to put some fun back into running!

And as a side note, while I was out on my 8 mile run Tuesday, I came across a black lab out running around on 79th street. For those of you familiar with the area, it was somewhere between Nall & Mission, and 79th is pretty busy through there. I could see she had a collar with a tag on, so I got her to come over to me, and just as I was reaching out to look at the tag, she saw a dog in the yard across the street and took off. She missed getting hit by literally about 6"! The guy with the dog in his yard came out and helped me corral her, and it turned out that her tag was just a city ID tag, with no owner or vet info. Luckilly, the guy decided to keep her in his back yard until he could call the city in the morning. So for anyone that has a dog, PLEASE make sure to have a tag on their collar that at least has your vet's info, if not your own!

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