Monday, March 19, 2007

Bad training weekend

Well, Saturday was St. Pat's day, and we had to go up to Leavenworth for Dan's family reunion and to walk in the parade. It's a nice big Irish family, so it was lots of fun. But because of that, I decided to postpone my Saturday long run to Sunday so I wouldnt be rushing around that morning. Sunday I was a good girl and got up and started my 10 mile run, and at about the 1 and a half mile point, something in my left hip popped. As soon as it happened, my knee started hurting really bad, so I'm sure it was my IT band. Its been giving me problems for a while, but stretching and massage has kept it pretty much in check. I tried to keep running a bit, but with the popping in my hip and the pain in my knee, I was afraid I would mess something up if I kept going. So I walked back home, and stretched it out on the foam roller for a while. It's doing better today, so we'll see how it does on my 4 mile run tonight.

And on a non-training related note, I took my dog Penny to the orthopedic vet specialist this morning for a consult on her knee and to schedule surgery. Poor thing has more knee and hip problems than I do! Not really that way I wanted to spend $1500, but I just cant look at that crazy little face and let her keep gimping around!

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