Monday, March 8, 2010

Its a....

Baby! Yep, definitely a baby in there. I had an ultrasound last week at 13w1d (13weeks 1day, for those of you not up on the pregnancy lingo) to check for certain birth defects. It's called an Ultra Screen (or 1st Tri screen, or NT scan) and includes a blood test. Then they plug in the measurements they took on the ultrasound and the results of the blood test and your age into some program, and it spits out the probability of your baby having Down Syndrome and a few other chromosonal defects. It's optional testing, though I think most doctors recommend it if you're over 35. I'm not, but since I'm adopted and dont know any family medical history, figured it would be a good idea. Ok I'm lying, I just wanted an excuse to see the baby. Because even though I KNOW I'm pregnant, and my doctor had found the HB with a doppler at my last appointment, and I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and saw the little flickering blob in there, and have been feeling like death....I still didnt really believe it. In my warped mind the blob we saw at the last ultrasound could have been some sort of tumor, and the HB I heard could have been mine. Granted, it was 176 bpm, but hey, that is a pretty normal running HR for me, so not out of the question. Except, I wasnt running at the time. But still! You never know. Anywho, here is the little bugger:

See, definitely a baby. Not a tumor. She was wiggling around all over the place and getting pissed when the doctor jiggled my belly (like a bowl full of jelly. Har) to get her to switch positions so he could get the measurements he needed. And I am calling it a her, even though we obviously dont know yet. I just think of it as a girl, and I dont like calling the baby IT. Conjures up images of scary clowns. And with the u/s picture already making the baby look like Skeletor, I dont need to think of scary clowns too. I truly, truly dont care what it is. Dan on the other hand, is hoping its a boy. But doesnt every guy? I keep telling him that he's so scared of having a girl that that's what we'll end up with for sure. And on that note, I made my appointment for the BIG ultrasound, so we should get to find out on April 21. Not too much longer!
Other than that, things are good. I'm officially in my 2nd trimester, and starting to feel better. Still feeling pretty crappy first thing in the morning and at night, but much more functional during the day. And, it's starting to get nice out, which is giving me the itch to go run. One of these nights I'll have to give it a whirl....if any of my running shorts still fit, that is.


Courtney Staton said...

If you have a girl, then she can marry Eli. If you have a boy, we better hope they both aren't gay.

Kaz said...

Oh it is so exciting. You will be feeling a lot better - About week 14 things got much better for me - still knackered at night but, yeah far more functional.

It is very hard to get your head twisted into the fact there is a wee babba in there - once your bump starts growing, it is a lot easier, but still bizarre. Mine is now kicking and it is so much more real.

I couldn't do anything in T1 but have been running since T2 and hope to run as long as poss. No crazy marathons but up to 5 miles comfortably now.

I too try to avoid it and say wee bean or babba as I have no feeling whether babba is boy or girl and we're wanting it to be a surprise.

If you fancy following my blog (simple ramblings on my runs and pregnancy) it is:

Fab news for you. Hope you keep feeling good.

Kentiga said...

Yay for another u/s! You got a great profile in that picture! I'm definitely calling girl at this point.

Dan will survive if it's a girl, Fred did so I know Dan can.

Julie said...

Great U/S Pic! Marking the calendar for April 21st!

Jillian Carter said...

Hopefully you will be feeling better soon!

IronLinae, PhD said...

Glad to hear all is well.