Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday

I am a little bitter after last night's run, so I am in no mood to post any running or tri related photos today. So you get my dogs :)

Last night's run did not go so well. I had 4 miles planned, and was looking forward to it becasue it was so nice out. About 75 degrees, just beautiful. I loosened up really quick and just zoned in and cranked out the first 2 miles in 19 minutes. Yeah! 9:30 pace! Man, I was so excited. Then I turned around. And my legs were like "eff you!", so I had to slow down a bit. Then my stomach was like "eff you!". Uuuuggggggghhhhhh! I tried to keep going, but you get to a point where your only options are either walk it in, or start looking for a large bush to go behind. Since I was in the middle of a residential neighborhood, plan B was not an option. So I ended up having to walk about the last mile. Feck! I was really excited about the possibility of doing 4 miles in 40 minutes or less. But, if I'm going to crap myself, it will not be on a 4 mile run!
Tomorrow I've got my 20-miler planned. I'm looking forward to the Chipotle burrito that will earn me!

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Oz Runner said...

great pic of the dogs, they look like a lot of fun.....good luck on the long run tomorrow, hopefully this nice weather keeps up.