Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, hai

1. Yes, I'm still here.
2. No, I haven't had that baby yet.

Does that about cover it? I thought so. (seriously though, people can stop asking me the two above questions ANY DAY NOW)

So yeah, 1 week to go. Well, more like one week and two days. Yep, I have an actual date and time. The good thing about this is that it satisfies my inner planner who needs to know exactly when everything is happening and where and why and who will be there and how long it will last. The bad thing is it means I have to have a c-section.

That's right, this child is breech and appears to have no interest in turning herself head down. I've tried everything; various positions and exercises, chiropractic, accupuncture, and.....nothing. She likes where she is. We even tried a version last week, which is where the doctor pushes on the baby (i.e. pushes on ME) to try to get her to turn. Let me tell you what this kid did. As soon as the doctor would get her to start moving, she'd duck her head out from under the doctor's hand, and stick out her legs to put on the breaks. Little Miss Attitude already!

I shouldn't be surprised. This is my child, afterall. She appears to be taking after her mama and will not be forced to do something. She likes where she's at, thankyouverymuch, and you can't convince her that moving just a little bit would be better for everyone involved. I predict a lifetime of us butting heads due to identical personalities.

So yes, it is a bit disappointing. I'll have to get the epidural that I was not going to get, and I'll have to meet my daughter while I'm strapped to an operating table, and all of those benefits of a natural, drug free birth that I was so excited about are out the window. Not really ideal. But, I know this is just the first of many things that I will have no control over when it comes to parenting, so I'm just going to have to roll with it. Because regardless of how it happens, I WILL get to meet my daughter, and at this point when I've been waiting nearly two and a half YEARS to bring home a baby, I just can't even fathom being upset about how it happens.

And let me just say that as much as I have enjoyed and felt completely blessed to even be pregnant in the first place, I'm done with it. I've officially turned into that crabby 9 month pregnant woman who would like to punch you in the face for asking how I feel. There's just nothing comfortable about the last couple weeks of pregnancy. But, it will soon be over, and I'm assuming there is some built in mechanism that makes women forget how shitty they feel the last few weeks, because plenty of people seem to go on to have more than one child. And I can only assume that the husbands somewhat forget too, because I'm pretty sure there would be no repeat baby makin' going on if they remembered clearly how "pleasant" we are to live with these last few weeks before the baby comes.

It doesnt help matters that we've had the hottest summer on record for the past several years, and now that it's starting to "cool off" and I'm starting to get hints of fall being around the corner, I am ready to put on my running shoes. One morning last week I walked outside and it was SO nice and cool, it just felt like a race morning. I dont know exactly what it was, but it felt so wrong that I was not getting into a wetsuit or lining up at a starting line somewhere. I am ready. Assuming things go as planned, I should be able to start running again by mid-October, which is PERFECT timing weather-wise, and I'll be able to start back up with Runners Edge in Januray. I can't wait. I'm literally chomping at the bit.

Now, to just get this child out!


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marjaricci said...

Great post...I've missed your posts. I'm looking forward to next Wed!