Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bradley Part 3 & 4

Ok, the classes are starting to pick up, but still pretty general. Great information, and we're learning a lot, but still pretty general. Week 3 was just about general pregnancy stuff, week 4 was about the coach's role. Some highlights from the last 2 weeks:

- Experiencing mood swings? Eat a piece of fruit! This is where I really love our instructor, she's great about pointing out the parts of Bradley that she thinks are crap. She said Bradley apparently thinks that every pregnancy related malady is caused by some sort of nutritional deficiency, and fruit is the cure for mood swings. I'm pretty sure Dan would get punched in the throat if he told me to eat a piece of fruit when I'm having one of those days.

- A baby coming out of your vagina is a sign of pre-term labor. No shit.

- Analgesics are likely to just make you high and do nothing to help with the pain.

- Many of the medications commonly administered during labor are in the same family as cocaine.

Um, I think those are the main things. No, we really did go over quite a bit, nothing totally earth shattering though, but good to hear. And I know Dan has been a little skeptical of the whole natural birth thing, but he gets more and more on board every week with all the new information we get. Which is definitely good. He's all about doing things the old fashioned way, and you dont get much more old fashioned than that! Well, unless I wanted to go out and squat in a field and then come back in and churn out some butter.

Some other things of note:

- Holy woah! My feet do not like the "heat". It's been in the 80's for 4 days now, and they are about twice their normal size. It looks like I'm walking around on a couple of pork tenderloins. So much for being the cute pregnant lady walking around in sundresses and flip flops. Shrek feet dont really compliment the look.

- Mmmmm, pork tenderloin.

- It is virtually impossible for me to paint my toenails. I attempted it last night, and had to stop to catch my breath and reposition myself after every toe. Needless to say, I did not get a second coat on.

- Same goes for shaving. If it didnt mean I'd have to let it grow out, I'd just have Suzanne wax my legs while she's at it.

- LessthantwoweeksuntilthirdtrimesterandIdonthaveanythingdoneholyshit!

- Baby is getting a lot more active. I'm starting to be able to see movement from the outside now. Cool. But, weird.

- I think the dogs are starting to realize something is up, Penny won't eat unless I'm sitting right next to her.

25w 2d

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Courtney Staton said...

zeus will only eat if i sit next to him on the floor. seriously.