Monday, August 17, 2009


Well I always need a new challenge. My main goal for this year is to break 5 hours at Chicago, but for some reason I found myself looking for yet ANOTHER goal to tack on. So, um, how about 2 marathons within a week??? Sounds good to me!

I always see people with Marathon Maniacs shirts on, and so I was checking out the website this week and found myself being able to answer "yes" to over half of the "are you a maniac?" questions. I'm also keenly aware of the fact that I'm running Chicago on Sunday, October 11th, and that the KC marathon is on Saturday, October 17. Hmmmmmm.....the wheels are turning.

So! Last week after ET I felt great, I could have run another marathon over the weekend. But since Chicago is my "A" race, I did the right thing and took a whole week off. Even though I felt great and was ready to run again. Now, I know I'll be pushing it harder at Chicago, looking to meet my time goal, but I think I will still be able to run KC. And really, even if I end up feeling too trashed that week following Chicago, no skin off my back to not do KC. This just happens to be a good opportunity to get in 2 marathons in a week, being that I'm already planning on one, and the other one is local.

So that's the current plan!


Kim said...

Good for you! Sounds like a crazy plan.

We're THINKING of doing the Columbia marathon on Labor Day and then the Patriot's Run marathon that same week, we'll see...There's SO much up in the air right now, we'll have to see how things pan out. But for right now, it sounds like a great idea. idea nonetheless. said...

hey, got here from Chic Runner....good luck on your 2 marathons!