Monday, December 15, 2008

Double D's

I finally hit double digits on a run. Before I even got out of bed Saturday morning, I could hear the wind blowing outside. It was rattling the windows, and just generally making it sound like not a good day for a run. When I opened the front door to step outside to check the temperature, I truly would not have been surprised to see a damn cow blow by. It was that windy. But the temperature was actually really nice, somewhere around 50. So the wind could be tolerated.

For some reason, the 11:40 pace group is really small. Like only six of us. The 12:00 group is really big, and the 11:20 group is really big, but not ours. We started off at Ward Parkway Mall, I LOVE this route. We run up through Brookside, in the neighborhoods around Loose Park, and this day cut over into Mission Hills. I love running through these neighborhoods. There were two other gals in my group going 10 miles, so I had some company the entire way. About half a mile before we turned around, we were just running along chatting when a HUGE branch crashed down about 3 feet in front of us. This was no twig, it for sure would have caused some major damage if it had hit one of us. Thats how windy it was, the trees were blowing apart.

I felt really good the whole run, didnt have a problem keeping up the pace, even with the wind in my face the entire way back. My IT bands did start tightening up, so I guess it's time to break out the ol' foam roller now that my mileage is starting to get higher. And I know I said after my last run that I was going to start taping my toes, but of course I forgot. So I ended up with a couple of good blisters on my pinky toes. One toe hadn't healed up completely from last week, so it was blister on blister. Those are always fun.

Of course you all know that the Kona broadcast was on Saturday. Court came over to watch, and we had a good time discussing what a princess Macca is, and laughing at the footage of Stadler freaking out in 2005 that they will probably be showing every year until the day we die. Also decided that we need to be friends with Chrissie Wellington because she's just too stinking cute. Then we concluded the night by the four of us going down to Ponaks and going through about 2 and a half pitchers of margaritas. Tasty!

And this is completely unrelated, but I was telling Cout and Eric about how Norman Rockwell our neighborhood is, and this illustrates it perfectly. We moved into our house at the end of August, so we're not NEW new. But last night the people around the corner from us had a "lets welcome the new neighbors" party. There have been a couple of other families move in this fall, so it wasnt just us. It was actually really fun! I just cant get over how friendly everyone is and how tight-knit this neighborhood seems to be. A lot of the couples there were older, like 50's or 60's, but there were a few younger couples. One of which just moved in on Saturday and seem like the kind of people we would hang out with anyway. The old timers were talking about how they all go down to the neighborhood pool in the summer and drink beer, all the get togethers they have, taking their kids trick or treating while pulling a case of beer, and so on and so forth. We also found out that everyone thinks the lady we purchased our house from was a complete bitch, which was kind of funny since we got that impression when we met her. The people who hosted the party have the same layout as us, so it was interesting to see what they've done with their house and how completely different it is than ours, even though it's got the same floor plan. So yes, I live in some sort of movie where the neighbors actually like each other and hang out.

Oh, and has anyone ever heard of a cat having an "emotional eating" problem? Because apparently our neihbors cat does.


~Robyn~ said...

I can see it and Dan toting around 6 kids AND a cooler full of beer.

Courtney Staton said...

Im sorry, did you say traveling neighborhood goodie plate??!!! WTF. Stepford Wife.