Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New goal

I have to get faster. I HAVE to. I NEED to be faster. So, last night I started working on it. I ran 2 miles in 18:35. That is pretty darn fast for me! I would like to be able to run a sub-30 5K by the end of the summer, I think it's doable. Especially if I pick one with a flat course. I never did any speed work last year (I know, bad Ironman training), so I'm kind of looking forward to have something new and different to work on this summer. I've accepted the fact that I have now trained for and raced the longest distance I will ever cover, so speed is going to need to replace distance in my training.

Oh, and someone found my blog this week by googling "triathlons and dislike of swimming". Is it that obvious?!!?


Dawn said...

pretty funny about the swim stuff! As for speed - good for you! I kinda think about working on that too...if I ever quit with the endurance stuff. We'll see.
Are you doing KC 1/2 Marathon again?

Morgan said...

Hey there-
Are you still planning on doing Hospital Hill? I'm doing the 10K portion. Maybe a few of us KC runnergirls could meet up before.