Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Community Center Pools

I used to belong to Sylvester Powell Community Center in Mission, but I quit because the times available for lap swimming sucked so bad. I did most of my swimming at the lake over the summer, but last night went into the new Overland Park Community Center to join since I will need a pool now because all the beaches close down after Labor Day. I had been working for the city when the community center was being designed, so I knew that they had a really great aquatics center. A HUGE kiddie/wading pool, a "therapy pool", and a separate lap pool. The kid pool literally takes up 2/3 of the entire space. Fantastic, they should be able to keep the kids contained to the kid pool. I get signed up, go over and pick up some of the schedules, and what do I find? Lap swimming is available for about two hours a day, with NO lap swimming available on Saturdays and only 1 lane open on Sundays.

What are they doing with the lap pool, you ask? Well, one would think that if you are going to call it a LAP POOL, it would be used for LAP SWIMMING. But no. Part of the time they have water aerobics, water walking, and a number of other activities scheduled for the lap pool. And part of the time, NOTHING is scheduled. Nothing. It's just open, fuck around time. When I was there last night, it was shown as "no lap swimming available", but no classes were scheduled. There were just several kids in there, fucking around.

I'm sorry, but there is a damn kid pool for the kids to play in. Some of us actually want to swim. And really, I can see MAYBE closing down a lane or two for different classes, but to take the entire pool?? I dont think so. I know it won't make any difference, but I will be writing a letter complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Swimming over, around, and though all the kids fucking around - that's actually good training for a mass IM swim! haha